People, Places & Things

The world is made up of a vast collage of people, places, and things.  Like the colors in a painting, they all contribute to the overall beauty, depth, and meaning of the world.

We have been blessed with such a world which all around testifies to the glory and power of God.  To realize that God is constantly at work all around us, we need only be perceptive of the world that surrounds us everyday.

We hope you will join us in taking a look at some of the unique people, places, things, and even ideas that together make up God's good creation.


Featured People, Places & Things

The Hands and Feet Project

Bob Marvel

National Donate Life Month

Saturn National Donor Day

Group Workcamps


Kids Care Clubs

Grand Ole Opry

Chaplains in the Civil War

"What Does All This Talk About Spirituality Have To Do With Me?"

Father Elias Chacour - A Living Stone of Israel

The American Red Cross 

Christian Appalachian Project

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