Group Workcamps: A weeklong adventure. A lifetime impact.


Group Workcamps build teenagers’ faith. That’s why Workcamps are the premier summer missions experience for church youth groups. Since their inception in 1977, Workcamps have brought more than 100,000 teenagers and their adult sponsors to hundreds of communities across North America to help needy families rebuild their homes—and lives. Workcamps are the ultimate expression of Christian service, offering students a fun, challenging, and faith-growing adventure they’ll never forget.

Over the years, Group has developed a unique program that places the emphasis not on evangelism, but rather on helping your kids mature in their faith through volunteer community service. That’s where the spiritual growth starts. Then, with devotions and programs guiding the week, young people often discover a deeper faith that lasts a lifetime.

Yet, there’s more to Group Workcamps. As teens build a wheelchair ramp, apply a fresh coat of paint, repair a broken window, or mend a leaky roof, they’ll also have the opportunity to:

• Provide a needed community service to people whose lives are different from their own.
• Develop character-building qualities, including an attitude of servanthood and an appreciation for the value of sacrifice.
• Experience new places, cultures and situations that take them outside their comfort zone.
• Make new friends from church groups across the country.
• Develop closer relationships with you and their youth group peers, returning home with
a new sense of unity, understanding, and respect for each other.
• Fulfill community service requirements needed for graduation in many school districts.
• Participate in interdenominational devotions and an awesome worship program each
evening that caps the day’s activities and puts the whole Workcamp into perspective.

It all adds up to an incredible week of learning, growth, and great times.

You don’t have to go overseas for an awesome missions experience—the mission field is right here in our own backyard! In fact, Group Workcamps are often within one or two days’ journey of your church. And in just one week, aside from experiencing major spiritual growth, you’ll see your kids develop character-building qualities, including an attitude of servanthood and an appreciation for the value of sacrifice. It’s what keeps churches coming back to Group Workcamps year after year.

Many of the needy families you’ll serve often have to choose between putting food on the table or fixing a leaky roof. They simply can’t afford the minor repairs their aging homes need, or they’re not physically able to tackle such repair projects. Others have seen their homes damaged by natural disasters and simply need some assistance to repair their homes and get back on their feet. Whatever a family’s circumstances, you’ll be giving them a chance to see faith in action. You will provide a needed community service to people whose lives are different from their own, giving them an opportunity to experience firsthand the rewarding impact of sharing their Christian faith through their actions.

“I had the chance to experience ‘firsthand’ what each of my kids experienced. I could sense Him moving with each of them and truly understood what serving Christ meant too! I also saved hundreds and hundreds of hours in preparation. And above all, I could sense a spiritual difference in each of our young people which has been with them still today!”
—Jane Harlan, youth leader

But, it’s not all work, you know. Group Workcamps provide plenty of opportunities for fun, too. There’s free time available throughout the week. Plus, on Wednesday afternoon, participants are free to visit local attractions or just kick back. Also, lots of churches add a day or two to one end of the trip for sightseeing, camping or other recreation. Workcamps can be one of the most meaningful times your youth group will ever experience—and that means a good balance of Christian service, spiritual growth, and loads of fun!

Planning Made Easy
Planning a Group Workcamp is easy. We sweat the details—while you and your teenagers work up a sweat.

"[It was] a great experience to meet Christ by meeting the needs of His people."
—John Williams, D.C.E.

"I’ll never forget even one of them." —Mary O’Connor, Resident

If you are a pastor, youth leader, or volunteer youth worker, you already have your hands full. You probably don’t have time to arrange this kind of experience for your group. It’s a ton of work. That’s where we come in. Group Workcamps are expertly organized from start to finish, enabling you to concentrate on providing your teenagers with an unforgettable adventure. Group works in cooperation with local sponsoring agencies to handle all of the logistics.

Group is the only summer missions experience offering this level of organization. That’s what makes us the leader in one-week summer missions. Bottom line: We mind the arrangements so that you can keep your mind on your kids. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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