A Message of Peace and Hope From Ireland:

Maire Brennan

By Charles White



If you've ever seen the movie "Patriot Games," "Last Of The Mohicans," "Harry's Game," "Robin Hood," or the Disney film "Mighty Joe Young," then you've heard the beautiful voice of Maire Brennan. Her music has been enchanting listeners for over thirty years both through her solo efforts and as a member of the Celtic Music group, Clannad.


One of the most important parts of Maire's life is her music. Maire was raised in the quiet town of Donegal in northwestern Ireland. Her father was a local musician and tavern owner and her mother was a local music teacher. Their dedication, encouragement and love of music prompted Maire and her eight siblings to form a group that they aptly named Clannad, which in Gaelic means family.


Maire's music is a reflection of the wondrous and magical land where she grew up. Her music is filled with the natural wonders and deep spirituality that permeates her homeland and as well as her life. Through her music, Maire communicates the real elements of life such as love and friendship. "It's wonderful to be able to bring the message of God's love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ to people who are obviously hungry for depth and meaning in their lives."


Through her music, Maire has touched the lives of countless people both as a member of Clannad and through her solo works.  Her labor of love earned her a Grammy Award in 1999 as a member of Clannad and a Grammy nomination in 2001 for her solo work. Maire's music has allowed her the opportunity to work with many notable singers, such as U2 vocalist Bono and her famous sister, Enya.


Throughout her musical career, Maire has been driven by love.  However, the love that drives her is for Jesus Christ, her music, and Ireland, not the desire for perfection and fame. "[It's] not all about looking perfect and dancing perfect and getting somebody to put you into a girl band or a boy band. Many people mistakenly think that's what it is to make music or to make it big." 


Although Maire grew up in a tranquil setting, her life wasn't problem free. In her early 20's, Maire developed a drinking problem.  It was through her struggle with alcohol that she learned an extremely valuable lesson in life. "You have to really be happy inside with yourself. Eventually you'll realize that the material world doesn't satisfy you completely."


This realization led Maire to understand that she needed to change her life. To do this, she had to stop and listen to all the things that her faith had taught her. "It's important to listen and not to be afraid of changes, whether it's changing something within yourself or something around you.  It doesn't matter how slowly. If we try and hear God speaking to us, it's not going to come in a big thundering voice, it's around you all the day, everyday."


To young people, Maire offers these thoughts. "Don't be afraid to ask questions. You have to deal with issues sometimes. When you feel alone, remember who it is that walks with you every step of the way, every day -- Jesus Christ. When you wake up in the morning, you're not by yourself and you're not alone. When you realize that…it’s a huge relief. As you listen, you hear the footsteps that make you realize that God never forgets his own.


In a world that would have us believe meaning and fulfillment can only come from the mall, a world that judges personal worth by bank account size, Maire Brennan offers a much-needed breath of fresh air.  True fulfillment in life comes through faith in Jesus Christ.  Things bought with money wear out and break, but family and friendships are the things that stay with us forever. 




It has been said "To hear, one has only to listen."  Enjoy some of the peace and hope of Maire Brennan's music in the clips below:



These clips are from Maire's latest CD,

Whisper to the Wild Water:


"In God's Presence"

"Where I Stand"

  "Whisper to the Wild Water"