Behind The Scenes With Miley and B.B Barcus

by Ansley Fletcher


"Miley and the B.B. Barcus Show" – listeners are captivated by their energetic and unique sound. The combination of Miley’s spirited voice and B.B.’s amazing guitar skills displayed on Shania Twain’s world tour is sure to take this remarkable duo right to the top

But Miley and B.B. are more than just a pair of musicians who write great music. They are a dynamic team committed to the Lord, to their marriage and to using their amazing talents for His glory.

Miley and B.B. have been involved with music since their childhood. Miley said she couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t love music. "As a kid, I logged a lot of hours in my bedroom blaring music and singing into my hairbrush."

B.B.’s love for music began when he heard his brothers play in rock bands. He saw a couple concerts as a kid and dreamed of performing for thousands of people.

After years of pursuing their music dreams separately, Miley and B.B. met on the campus of Belmont University in Nashville where they were both studying music. After college Miley began working with Nashville producers writing songs and dreaming of a solo career in pop music. Meanwhile, B.B. was becoming one of Nashville’s hottest young guitarists. His dream of performing in front of thousands of people came true as he traveled the world playing for artists such as dcTalk, Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith.

Finally, they became a team when they married in 1995 and made Nashville their permanent residence. Soon they began writing together on a regular basis and decided to pursue music as a duo. This was the beginning of "The Miley and B.B. Barcus Show."

However, when Shania Twain asked B.B. to join her world tour, he could not pass up the opportunity. Though their schedules were hectic, they were on the phone composing music almost every day of the 18-month tour. By the end of the tour they had written 25 songs together.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the music industry, there have been many "bumps" along the road for the pair. Once Miley was dropped from a company before her record was released in an experience that was "unbelievably disappointing and took several months to get over," she said.

B.B. said that through those types of experiences, he’s realized that things don’t always go the way you plan. "We’re trying to let God lead because we botch things up when we take over."

Another challenge the couple faces is the fact that their schedules can take them away from each other for two weeks at a time. Miley said the only way it works is keeping their priorities in line.  "God, each other, then music," she said. "We must remain husband and wife first and business partners second."

While achieving their musical dreams is important, reaching "the top" is not their definition of success. According to B.B., success is "knowing why God put you on this earth and living out his calling on your life."

Miley and B.B. have a real concern for today’s youth and show their concern by supporting organizations such as Youth for Christ, Christian Children’s Fund and Young Life.

B.B. and Miley’s advice to young people who are pursuing their dreams is to work hard and persevere to the finish line. "Don’t let your dream become an idol," B.B. warns. "You have to keep God first and he’ll give you what you need."

"Life is worth living to the fullest and fearlessly," Miley said. "I’m learning new things about God, relationships and work all the time. It is really an adventure."

B.B. and Miley want young people to know the importance of being your own person. "Don’t be afraid to swim upstream if it means standing up for what you believe. Regardless of what your friends say or what may be going on at home, know that God is real and he is absolutely crazy about you."

In the future, Miley and B.B. plan to write more songs and make a record for a major record company.

"Music is just a dream that we just can’t shake. We have to pursue it because it’s all we know," B.B. said. "God really gave us these gifts and we feel committed to living out our lives using them."