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The Rubyz

The Rubyz

The self-titled debut from the new Pop Music Trio, The Rubyz is a fun-filled musical journey that is not marshmallow fluff by any means. Don’t let their ages fool you! Discovered through a nation-wide talent search, Cammie Hall, Marissa Milele and Alexis Slifer join voices to present awesome new remakes of songs like “Umbrella” and “We Got Da Beat” while offering some great original tracks like “The Time Of My Life” and “Baila Chiquita”. This album is a great combination of Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B interlaced with catchy lyrics.

However, don’t let the great dance beats and amazing harmonies fool you! This album delivers with some meaty lyrics as well. “Personally I wanna hear something with substance,” Alexis offers. “I am tired of the peer pressure to grow up so fast I wanna just be a fourteen year old girl! I wanna have fun and goof off. I also want to praise Jesus with my whole heart.” Fun and substance is what this album definitely delivers!

If you like Zoegirl, Everlife or Barlowgirl, you will love the new album from The Rubyz !

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