Style and Substance with The Rubyz

by Charles White



The world of Pop Music isn’t always a pretty place. Much is “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. Inane lyrics and lifestyles marked with drugs, binge drinking and violence are only a few of the things that some of Pop Music and this genre’s stars offer people today. Standing counter to this are three young ladies with a message and mad skilz. They are The Rubyz.


At ages seventeen and fourteen respectively, Cammie Hall, Marissa Milele and Alexis Slifer were selected from hundreds of young ladies to join The Rubyz and change the face of music. When asked why he chose to form this amazing trio, Advocate Entertainment President & CEO Robert Benson turned to his own family as an explanation.  “I have three daughters myself, all right around this age, and it worried me that they would grow up without being ministered to. [W]ith groups like The Rubyz, we can teach them how much they are loved, how much they are valued, and how important they are because they are sons and daughters of Christ."


This is a sentiment that is echoed by all three members of this fantastic trio. “So many artists nowadays are more worried about success or a certain look,” states The Rubyz member Cammie Hall.  “We just want to show kids how much fun it is being a kid! We also want to show them their value in Christ. I think it's more important to use our music to spread joy, rather than to be successful or make money.”


“Personally I want to hear something with substance,” adds Alexis. “I am tired of the peer pressure to grow up so fast. I want to just be a fourteen year old girl! I wanna have fun and goof off!”


However, having music with substance doesn’t mean that you can’t create an album filled with fun, contagious hits. With producers like Dove Award Winner Joy Williams and Chris Omartian, who has worked with the likes of Pink, Hillary Duff and Jump 5, this album can’t help but be upbeat and fun.  Still, the music and the message together are important to these young ladies. “Music is infectious, so when you hear a catchy line it sticks in your head,” offers Cammie.  “But sometimes, you hear kids singing lines in most pop music and they have no idea what they are actually saying. We want them to sing along with music that’s got a positive message, AND that's got a catchy tune.”


Although they get to do what they love, life is not always easy for The Rubyz. Life on the road and in the studio is tough. This experience has really helped this trio appreciate the support of their family and helped them to grow in their faith in God. “I am so excited and blessed to have the family I have,” states Marissa, the youngest member of The Rubyz. “Faith and family are two of the most important things on this earth," Cammie offers in agreement.  “Without faith, you feel hopeless. Sometimes in our music career, you get really frustrated with things and feel like there's no hope. With a strong faith and a supportive family, everything works out great.”


What has this journey taught them so far? “Be yourself and live your life to the fullest,” Marrissa offers.  “Reach for your dreams because anything is possible.” “Don't worry about what everybody else thinks about you, what you wear, how you look,” Alexis adds.  “No matter what God still loves you.”


Style without substance. It seems the trend these days. Not so with The Rubyz, though. They are proof-positive that you can have both and have fun doing it. With their family behind them and God at their side, these girls are taking the music industry by storm and having a great time doing it.