From Dreams To Reality


Charles White





How many people get the chance to live their dream? For most of us, living our dream means making a bunch of money, being the envy of millions and/or becoming a household name. For Memarie, living her dream has nothing to do with these three things. Instead, simply being able to write and perform her music is a dream come true.

The daughter of Cupit Records founder, Jerry Cupit, Memarie is no stranger to music. At the tender age of 4 she began singing, using a magnolia bud and a string as her microphone. When she was nine, she accompanied her parents into the studio as they cut an album for their Country/Rock band. During the course of the recording process, her father allowed her to record a song. This launched her passion to be a part of the industry that her parents loved so much.


At the age of twelve, her family moved from the sleepy little town of Baskin, Louisiana to the big city of Nashville, Tennessee so her parents could pursue their musical dreams. Soon after Memarie graduated from high school, her parents divorced. The separation of her parents caused her to question whether music was the path she should follow. However as Memarie confesses, “I never imagined doing anything else. It’s the one thing I can do.”


Memarie started in the music industry as a songwriter for her father’s company. She soon established herself as a talented songwriter whose songs were recorded by many of the greatest musicians in country music such as George Jones, Ken Mellons and John Anderson. However, Memarie’s dream was to be both a successful songwriter and singer.


In 2000, Memarie recorded a song that would earn her a number one spot on the Christian country charts. For an impressive eleven weeks, her song, “What If He’s Right”, remained atop the charts. This was the first time that Memarie had tasted success as both a singer and a songwriter, but it would not be the last. Her latest album is a testimony to this fact. In 2003, Memarie released her self-titled debut. The first single off the album, "I Need A Change", is storming up the country music charts.


Music plays an important part in Memarie’s life. Along with her strong faith, it has helped her through the rough patches. “Music is such an emotional thing whether you’re going through a great time in your life or you’re going through a trying time. Music just seems to help. It grabs at your emotions; it grabs at your heart.”


When asked what brings the greatest joy to her life, Memarie didn’t name money or fame. Instead, she said it was the small things that make her happiest. “There are so many things out there that bring joy if you just look for it. Everyday little things bring joy to me. Life’s too short to walk around with your head down.”


To teens, Memarie offers this bit of advice. “Whatever your dream is, go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you not to. If its in your heart and that is your dream, you just need to go for it with everything you’ve got because you don’t want to look back one day and say, ‘I wish I would have at least tried’.”