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My Paper Heart

My Paper Heart

Francesca Battistelli


AWESOME! That is the only way to describe the newest offering from Francesca Battistelli entitled, My Paper Heart. Released on July 22nd 2008, this album showcases her amazing talents as both a performer and a songwriter. The first release from this album, "I’m Letting Go", has skyrocketed up the Christian charts and other releases promise to do the same.

However, simply presenting a pretty product is not enough for this incredibly talented singer/songwriter. Songs like “Free To Be Me “and “Time In Between” highlight her deep faith in God. “He has sung songs over me in solitude and He has never let go of my fragile paper heart,” Francesca states in the liner notes. “I am forever safe in His hands.”

It is rare that a talent of this level bursts on to the music scene. It is equally rare that someone who could easily achieve success as pop/rock superstar instead chooses a different path. Although she is sure to enjoy success with this album as a crossover artist, Francesca’s feet remain firmly planted in her Christian faith; a devotion that she cannot help but share through her music and we are all better for it!

If you like Josh Kelly, Sara Bareilles, or Colby Caillat, you will love this album. Download a copy and add it to your MP3 player!

To hear some samples of tracks from her new album and learn even more about this amazing artist visit her website.