The Sum Of My Existance: The Story of Everman


Charles White

If you watch MTV, BET or VH1, you’ll see a lot of musicians who truly believe that music is who they are and not what they do. Their entire life revolves around promoting their image as a pop star or rock icon. Although extremely talented musicians, Brad Miles and the rest of the members of Everman have all the talent without all the pretense.

Brad Miles was born and raised in Natchitoches, Texas, a small town in East Texas located one hour from the Louisiana border.  His childhood was filled with the beauty of living near a huge national forest and the pain of living in a dysfunctional family.

“My mother and my natural father divorced when I was about two years old,” Brad recounted.  “My oldest brother and I are from that marriage. Mom then remarried a guy who physically abused us. They got a divorce when I started first grade. She decided at that point that she was never going to get married again.”

However, God seemed to have different plans. Not long after arriving at that decision, Brad’s mom attended a meeting of Christian singles at a small diner near his hometown. “That’s when she met my dad,” Brad stated with a smile in his voice. “They got married at the end of my second grade year and he adopted me when I was in the sixth grade. He’s been my dad for as long as I can remember."

Although his younger years were tough, Brad admitted that he wouldn’t trade that time for anything. It is the turbulence of those years that have served to strengthen the bonds of his family.

“The truth is that I wouldn’t trade any of it,” Brad explained. “I think that God made something beautiful out of all that. I have a different relationship with my mom because we had to really get close.  My brothers and I also have a closer than normal relationship because we went through some pretty tough times together.”

Coming out on the other side of the tunnel of pain and despair, Brad realized that where he has come from has made him the man that he is today.

“Life is a wonderful tapestry,” Brad admited. “You don’t appreciate the good times without the bad times. It all goes together. All of this has formed me into the person that I am. As much as we hate going through those times and as bad as those periods are, the truth is that God is always doing something really beautiful and miraculous.”

On the other side of his pain, Brad eventually found a huge world of music awaited him. Brad went to college in Texas and fronted a band that toured throughout the state. Following college, Brad and guitarist Marcus Yoars moved to Nashville where they were united by a common bond: music.

After spending a few years in Nashville, Brad and Marcus, along with bass player Glen Kimberlin and drummer Chris Brush teamed up to form Everman. Propelled by their collective talent and passion for music, the members of Everman signed a record deal with Gotee founder and producer Todd Collins on his new label, Beatmart Records. The result was their powerful, self-titled debut.

Although constantly on the road living his dream of being a musician, Brad never forgets that music is what he does and it isn’t the sum of who he is.

“We spend about 10 hours on stage each week,” Brad said.  “We love that time and want to be the best we can be, but to put too much focus on that would be to overlook our real calling. You can never allow your art to consume you. It’s always important to remember where its place is in your life.”

For Brad and the other members of Everman, music remains the vehicle that allows them the opportunity to build relationships, share their love of Christ and make a difference in the world.

"The whole reason we got into this is to build relationships with people,” Brad explained. “Music is just a door that God give us to walk into people’s lives. I don’t want to be satisfied with getting to the end of my life and thinking, ‘Well, I made some good records and hopefully I touched a few lives.’  I want for my hands to be dirty with the work of Christ. I want to be used as an agent of change in this world, somehow.”

True to his word, Brad encourages all people, especially youth to get up, get out and be an agent of change.

“ God took guys with little or no education and little or nothing spectacular about them and used them to change the entire course of the history of the world.” Brad explains, referring to the apostles. “These are guys that said, ‘Nothing matters to me but Jesus and I want him to do whatever it takes to help me make a difference somehow.’

It is possible that God can use YOU to change the course of history. The same resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in us. So what if you graduate from college and you get a good job, a wife and 2.5 kids. Don’t let what you have be the sum of your existence. Live radical, revolutionary, extraordinary lives. Allow God to use you to do something spectacular!”

Although part of a band whose talent is on par with powerful acoustic groups such as Counting Crows, Dave Mathews Band, and Downhere, Brad remains firmly planted on the ground. He doesn’t don the pretense that many rock or alternative artists might. Instead, he remains down to earth with his hands covered in the work of Christ and his eyes looking upward towards the only One that really matters.