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Decyfer Down

On May 5th 2009, Decyfer Down will release their tour-de-force album entitled, Crash. This is a rock masterpiece that elicits comparisons to powerful rock groups like Seether, Hinder, and others. The title track has the same power and a similar feel as the group One Day As A Lion, the new project from the lead singer of Rage Against The Machine.

While listening to this incredible offering, it is often hard to remember that this is an offering from a Christian label and not a secular band not because of a lack of a Christian grounding, but because the sound that is offered is incredibly polished and commercial, but commercial in a good way. Some of this must be do to the producer of the album, Paul Ebersold, who has worked with groups such as 3 Doors Down, Saliva and Sister Hazel.

The group worked hard to create an album that was strong from start to finish. “We worked hard to not have any fillers in this record and we want each song to be as strong as we could possibly make it,” Josh confirms in the group’s press release. “We come right out in the beginning of the record with some great rock songs and some intimate ballads that come from a very honest part of our lives. We trust those that listen to our record can find hope and purpose for their lives.” 

If you want a great Christian album that you can rock out to, then you need to either buy this CD or download the album. Either way this is a must in the collection for any serious rock enthusiast!

For info on this album, check out the group's website.