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Clique Girlz

Clique Girlz EP


Ariel, Paris and Destinee are the three talented young ladies that make up an awesome new group known as the Clique Girlz. Hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey, sisters Paris and Destinee along with best friend Ariel are taking the country by storm with their clean harmonies and infectious melodies.

You’ve seen them on The Today Show, ABC News and the 700 Club and you’ve heard their music on So You Think You Can Dance and Radio Disney. Now is your opportunity to grab an album that will be an amazing addition to your collection. Their first release, Clique Girlz EP was released in April and their full album is set to be released this fall.

The sound that these three young ladies generate is amazing and it is really difficult to remember that they are all under the age of 15. Whether it is the edgier rock song, “How Do You Like Me So Far” or the alternative/pop song, “The Difference In Me”, the harmonies and depth of the sound will blow you away.

When you couple the three songs on their EP with a powerful single like, “Incredible”, you know that their new release this fall will be even better. For now, do your self a favor and pickup or download the latest release from Clique Girlz and keep your eyes open for their release this fall that promises to be a party for your ears.

To learn more about the Clique Girlz and hear a few of their new tracks, visit their website.