From Illusion To Reality



Jasmine McNealy





One of the most exciting things to watch is a talented illusionist perform on stage. Whether he is making things disappear or cheating death in front of a live audience, an illusionist is a master of deception and slight of hand. Although Brock Gill is a master illusionist and very talented stage performer, his commitment to Christ and his love for his family are not illusions. Instead, Brock’s incredible talent is but a tool in his effort to spread the Gospel of Christ to a society with a shorter and shorter attention span.


For an illusionist to be good at his job, he must be able to make things disappear.  In the early days of illusionist Brock Gill’s career, someone else was making things disappear.


“Not only did my trailer get stolen but a week later my garage was broken into and I lost a bunch of my tools,” he said.  “A week later we moved to a different city and my wallet was stolen at the movies.  I lost all my cash that I had just gotten.”


In those early days of his ministry, Brock went through many trials.  Two weeks after his wallet was stolen, he was faced with several more obstacles such as his house flooding.  Yet, these events did not shake Brock’s faith.


“…I lost every bit of my equipment [but] I knew it was not time to give up. 
A foundation that was built through prayer is what I stood on.  But at the point that I realized that everything had been stolen, we just started praying again that God would restore everything and that God would take this mess and turn it into something for His glory and that is exactly what He did.”


This foundation of faith was formed during a two-year break that Brock took after his sophomore year of college. Working at a sawmill, the environment was ripe for this kind of formation.


“ I was working at this sawmill for 50 hours a week, and I had earplugs and I couldn’t talk to anyone but God,” he said.  “So during this time, God basically spoke, very loud and very clear, that God wanted me to pursue this ministry as an illusionist. Now I didn’t grow up doing magic tricks or anything like that.  I was 23 years old before I every learned the first card trick.  Six months after that, I started doing a magic show.  But God specifically called me to do this ministry and I went back to college to finish my degree. During that time the phone started ringing and I started going out to different types of places doing a show and sharing the gospel.”


One of the challenges to sharing the gospel with young people that Brock has found is keeping their attention.


“One of the biggest challenges is competing with media such as MTV and television and the internet.  The problem is their attention spans are shorter now than when I was in school just a few years ago,” he said.  “So one of the creative ways that God has given me to get people’s attention is doing death defying stunts and escapes and illusions that are fast-paced.”


Helping him greatly in his ministry is his wife Andrea, who Brock appreciates very much.  “She stands by me through everything we’ve gone through, those things are important to me,” he said.  “We had some really tough times that we had to go through, but my wife Andrea stuck with me the entire time.  She committed to prayer such as I did.”


The end result of his witnessing is what gives Brock some of the greatest joy. “The greatest joy in my life is seeing people give their lives to Jesus.  For someone to come to my show, and absolute sinner, in bondage to sin, who are delivered from sin by the grace of God fall in love with Jesus as their savior.  That makes me do back-flips.”


Brock’s definition success is a simple one:  follow God’s will.  “ Success by the world’s standards is so relative, it’s always different.  Talk to someone who makes $50,000 a year. If you get on one television program and make $100,000, that’s success to them.  But if you talk to someone who makes a million a year and tell them the same story, then that’s not much success to them,” he said.  “But just being in God’s will is success to me because really the only person I’m trying to please or showoff in front of is Jesus.  So wherever He wants me that’s being successful.”


To get to the point where he could say this, Brock had to learn to pray. However, Brook feels that many people have forgotten how to pray .  “A lot of people don’t know how to pray.  So when you don’t have a good prayer relationship with Jesus, sometimes your flesh takes over when things happen.”


To avoid this, Brock has one recommendation: fall in love with Jesus. “Learn to hate sin and be in love with Jesus,” he said.  “When you fall in love with Jesus, the worldly desires and the worldly standards and everything else will pass away.  You will learn how to pray, you’ll go deeper in that relationship…that is success.”





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