One Step At A Time...

The Story Of Thousand Foot Krutch


Charles White


Not many bands go from playing corn roasts and backyard parties to releasing an album and playing in front of hundreds of screaming fans. However, that is exactly what the guys of Thousand Foot Krutch have accomplished. Despite leaving these venues behind, this group of Christ-centered Canadian musicians have never forgotten their roots and the real reason for their success.


Thousand Foot Krutch was born about seven years ago while its members were still in high school. They cut their teeth as musician by playing just about anywhere that would allow them to perform. For the next five years, the band developed, changed its roster and grew until they were ready for bigger and better things.


About two years ago, the members of Thousand Foot Krutch realized that it was time to take the next step and enter the national arena of Christian music. They knew that they needed to reach more people than the small venues that they normally played would allow. After prayer and careful consideration, the guys decided to sign with Tooth & Nail records and the rest is history.


We just worked hard and did what we knew to do and God just really blessed it. God has been so good and has opened so many doors for the band, Trevor stated. Weve learned a ton and its been such a blessing. Its been amazing. To do something we love and to be able to give it back to God and make a living at it, you cant do much better than that.


The realization that it isnt their abilities alone that have catapulted the members of this talented group into notoriety within the Christian music genre is reflected in their unusual band name, Thousand Foot Krutch.


It symbolizes that moment in your life when you realize that you just cant do it by your self and you cant rely on your strength, Trevor explained. You need Gods help to make it through the stuff that we go through.


Although relative newcomers on the national Christian music scene, the members of Thousand Foot Krutch already feel like they are successful because they are able to live their dream and serve Christ while doing it.


Success is when you feel Gods calling you to do something and you do it by faith and keep doing it and keep going where he tells you to go, Trevor relayed passionately.  Hes always going to supply your needs. Hes blessed us with talents and abilities. To be able to use them and make a living is success to us. Its not always about cash.


Trevor and the rest of the members of Thousand Foot Krutch encourage everyone to embrace their calling and trust in God to see them through.


If you feel like you are called to do something, go with that thing no matter what is going on or what people tell you, Trevor offered. If you feel strongly about something, theres nothing that can hold you back from that thing if you just step out. God will always keep putting your foot where it is supposed to go. If you keep Him first there is nothing that can stop you or hold you back from what he has for you.


When asked what the future holds for this talented group of musicians, Trevor explained that they approach that road with the same faith and trust that gotten them this far.


Its kinda out of our hands right now. Our hearts are for the kids. Any doors that open that we feel that we are supposed to go through, were definitely going to. Its a matter of seeing how things go. Were really praying about it and well see where God takes us. Were going to remain the same. Its just of matter of where we feel were supposed to be at the time.


Not only do the members of Thousand Foot Krutch deliver a solid rock album that one can play front to back without ever tiring of it, they are also incredibly grounded individuals. It is refreshing to see a group of rockers who have dedicated themselves to Christ instead of decadence and find the most joy in their music, families, friends, and their service to God. Imagine what the music world would look like if more musicians were Christ-centered instead of self-centered.