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The Rocket Summer

Of Men and Angels

Island Records is home to some incredibly talented performers such as Sum 41, Mariah Carey, and Bon Jovi. On February 23rd, another talented member of the Island Records family will release their latest album.

Titled, Of Men and Angels, this release by The Rocket Summer, offers fun, phenomenal musicality and a bit of faith rolled into one. This spiritually-charged Pop/EMO album delivers 15 incredible tracks ranging from ballads like, Tara, Iím Terrible to strong Pop/EMO tracks like I Want Something To Live For and Light.

It is easy to hear echoes of Boys Like Girls, Panic At the Disco, Death Cab for Cutie and other great Pop/EMO bands throughout this album. However, this album isnít simply an homage to this genre. Instead Bryce Avery, better known as The Rocket Summer, delivers a unique and incredible mix of tracks, each one better than the next. It is easy to see why he has played on the Warped Tour and had the honor of playing at the White House.

If you are a fan of great Pop/EMO music, set your alarm and grab this album when it debuts on February 23rd.