From Lumps of Coal To Beautiful Diamonds


Jasmine McNealy




If you haven’t heard the name Plumb on your favorite radio station yet, then you’re tuning in to the wrong station.  Breaking out with her smash hit single Real off her new album, Beautiful Lumps of Coal, Plumb is getting major air play and rising up the pop charts. 


Plumb, aka Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, was born in Indiana, but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She describes her self as an “airline brat.”  “ I lived just outside of town. It seemed like everyone there worked for an airline,” Lee said.  “My dad worked for Delta so I fit right in.”


Like many people, Plumb had what could be called the typical high school experience.  “I enjoyed the social aspect of high school, not the studies, unfortunately,” she stated.  “Being a teenager is never easy, but for the most part, I came through it pretty well.  It helped that I had an older brother to look up to and who looked out for me, and parents who loved me enough to stay involved in my life.”


It wasn’t just her brother and her mother she looked up to as a teen.  Plumb also lists the late Audrey Hepburn as one of her biggest role models.  “She had timeless style and grace,” she explained.  “She also had a disease my doctors thought for a time that I had, so I felt a connection with her.”


Although her mother, brother and Audrey Hepburn have made a huge impact on her life, Plumb is quick to point out that there have been many other people who have helped her along the way. “There have been many different people: God, my husband, my closest friends and family. Their constant show of support in my life and love for me helped me hang in there no matter how big or small the circumstance.”


For Plumb, music is much more than just entertainment. “It’s a means to communicate and that’s very important to me. You can appreciate it, learn from it, grow from it, be inspired by it, be challenged by it, even create it.” 


She also encourages youth to get involved with music. “If it is a passion of yours, like it is mine, of course I would encourage that.” she said.  “Some take passionate things, such as music, and force them to be a part of who they are for the wrong reasons. Your passion should never be work in the emotional sense.  If it’s a passion, it tends to be quite natural and something you’re drawn to without having to really think about it.  I would encourage any person, youth or adult to find what creative passion drives then and utilize that.  Be it art, dance, theater, music, or even business.  There is a creative and passionate way to do almost anything.”


Through her music, Plumb encourages people to reflect on their hardships, which she refers to as “beautiful lumps of coal”, and realize that these hardships have made us who we are today. “Through the changes and hardships, I've grown. I'm in a better place now. Those hardships, those 'lumps of coal' I was dealt, I was able to see turn into beautiful diamonds.” She hopes that she can inspire others to do the same thing with the bitterness in their own lives.


When asked if she could offer youth one piece of advice, she said she couldn’t. Instead, she hopes to offer all people, not just youth a positive direction through her life and music. “I can only live a life that hopefully influences them in a positive way and points them in the direction of grace and being gracious.”


Plumb approaches every aspect of her life with strong faith, passion, and graciousness. She lives each day wrapped in the love of her family, her friends and God. Perhaps this helps explain her breakout success and, in turn, helps to explain her definition of success that she states as “being faithful with every opportunity given.”


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