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Cross Shadow Productions

It has been said that a Christian horror film is an oxymoron. However, the folks at Cross Shadow Productions have shattered this belief with their latest release, “Paranormal”. This talented team has delivered a horror film that is both entertaining and family-friendly at the same time. Cross Shadow takes back the supernatural thriller and gives it a Christian home!

Matt Mitchell explains the origins of their newest release.

“I was sitting on the sofa in my office and the CSP Team was all there, and I just said, ‘Guys, I think I have an idea for our next movie, and I already have a title...Paranormal.’ As soon as I mentioned a Ghost Hunter's style paranormal movie, Tiaan lit up and we all knew we had a very exciting idea on our hands. I had been noticing the growing popularity of reality shows and movies on the "paranormal". It seems like our culture has an unhealthy fascination with this topic.”

Paranormal is the story of Greg Evans, an experienced novelist who is saddled with a horrible case of writer’s block. As he struggles to overcome his block, he plunges headlong into the world of the paranormal and finds himself in way over his head. Desperate, he turns to a team of investigators to help him seek out answers.

This film manages to captivate an audience without the big, gory displays that punctuate most Hollywood horror films. Instead, Director Matt Mitchell utilizes psychological horror to capture your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat.

With great cinematography by Tiaan Kruger and amazing performances by Maureen MacDonald (2009 Mrs. America), Nick Errato, Daniel Gray and John Rutland, this film is a thrill ride that is sure to entertain.

Paranormal is set for DVD release on January 26th, 2010.

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