Music Reviews


Wake Up

Paige Armstrong


This is by far one of the best albums that I have had the privilege of listening to in quite some time. This album is a delicate balance of both message and music. With hard hitting rock and a strong emo sound woven together with powerful lyrics and incredible vocals, this album is a must for both Christian and mainstream music fans.

“Musically it has some of the emo flair to it which I really wanted but it also has some more of the hard rock, almost metal tones,” Paige explained in a recent interview. However a great sound wasn’t enough for Paige. This album’s lyrics needed a punch as well.

“The songs are straight from the heart and are filled with everything that I am passionate about. I really wanted the message of the album to be ‘Wake Up, Don’t Waste Your Life’. I wanted that theme to be evident.”

There are some incredible tracks on this album including the title track, “Wake Up” and “Apathy”, which is Paige’s favorite track on the album. “I love Apathy. Apathy is something that I am crazy passionate about because it is something I see every day in my generation and it drives me crazy. It’s a kinda tongue in cheek, in your face, song.”

If you love Paramore, Flyleaf and Switchfoot or if you are simply a fan of great music, you will be blown away by this album. Don’t be surprised if you see some tracks from this incredible offering screaming up the mainstream Top 40 charts.

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