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Jeff Johnson

Amazed is the title of the newest release by independent artist, Jeff Johnson and how this reviewer felt after listening to this incredible album. It is hard to believe that Jeff is an independent artist, but it is certain that he won’t remain that way for long, unless he chooses to. This album is a wonderful balance of musicality and worship.

Jeff ‘s newest album is a great offering that appeals to fans of both Christian and mainstream music. Among the amazing tracks on this album is a song called “Passion”. The warmth and conviction of the lyrics, great vocals and awesome instrumentation makes this an incredible track among many awesome tracks. Another great track is “Stronger”. “Stronger” is a hauntingly beautiful song that is both uplifting and inspiring. 

Amazed is proof that Jeff Johnson belongs on the national stage. If you like MercyMe, Jeremy Camp and Third Day, pick up this album or download it and add it to your collection.

To learn more about Jeff Johnson, visit his website by clicking here.