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Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things is the latest release for Dove Award winning musician, Michael Gungor. Set to be released February 16th, Beautiful Things is a rich tapestry of various styles and influences that is anything but boring. This album reiterates why Michael Gungor is such a talented musician.

Weaved throughout this offering is a strong emphasis on the Gospel message while echoing some amazing artists such as Josh Kelly, John Mayer, Sting and Switchfoot. There is nothing predictable about this album. You only have to listen to the haunting sounds of Dry Bones, the soulful track, Heaven or the fun, pop track Call Me Out to quickly realize that this album is something special As you hear each song, you will constantly be surprised and impressed. The album avoids a pieced together feeling both by the message of the lyrics and the amazing talent of Michael Gungor.

If you like Sting, Jon Foreman or John Mayer, then this is the album for you. Pick up a copy or download this on to your MP3 player. You will be amazed and pleasantly surprised.