More Than Meets The Eye: Everlife


Charles White

The pop music scene today is filled with empty messages and shallow role models. While it all sounds and looks great, there is no substance. At first glance, Everlife seems to be just another girl group. However, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the women of Everlife.


Born and raised in a suburb of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Julia, Sarah and Amber were blessed with wonderful parents that supported them 100 percent, even when then 9 year old Julia announced to her sisters in 1997 that they were starting a band. The sisters spent the next few years honing their craft and perfecting their musical style. These same sisters developed a regional following and have consistently played about 150 shows a year.


Fast forward seven years to the present and you have Everlife. Although these three sisters have grown up and traversed some pretty difficult paths to get to this point, they still remain close as only sisters can be.


“It's just the three of us, no other brothers or sisters,” explain the members of Everlife in a recent interview with Person2Person Christian E-zine. “People always ask if it's hard being on the road when you're always together at home, and it's crazy but we really are best friends. All three of us have different traits that keep the friendship together, which is amazing. When one of us is gone, we feel incomplete.”


2004 turned out to be a good year for the sisters of Everlife. The girls moved to Tennessee and in February, the group was signed to a record deal with Crowne Music / Tovah Music. On August 24 of 2004, the band released their self-titled debut, Everlife. Two of the songs on the album, Evidence and I’m Over It, quickly found favor with fans. I’m Over It also entered into heavy rotation at Radio Disney.


“Everlife is one of those bands that is seemingly too good to be true. They are committed to touring, are fabulous musicians, have huge hearts for ministry and have created an amazing following on their own,” states Kevan Cyka, general manager of Tovah Music in a press release for Everlife’s self-titled debut album. “This band has a huge future ahead of them.”


“When Kevan brought this project to us, we were just amazed at the talent these three girls possess,” continues Michael Turner, general manager of Crowne Music. “Crowne is always looking for artists that are striving for more than just making good music. The girls’ focus on missions was very attractive because they are not only embracing culture, they are affecting it. Plus, we really want the atmosphere at Crowne to feel like a family, and the personalities of the Everlife family fit in our family.”


Although music is an important part of their lives, Everlife feels a strong call to do more.  These dedicated young ladies see themselves as both musicians and missionaries and feel a responsibility to share the love of Christ with others outside the United States. A mission trip to Brazil even inspired one of the songs on the album entitled, We Will Not Bow Down.


“Having our parents so heavily involved in youth leadership really sparked a desire in the three of us to do mission work overseas,” explain these talented young ladies. “The three of us have been on three mission trips, twice to Costa Rica and once to Brazil. Our first trip was incredible and it really made us realize how important it is to get yourself out there, to a different country, a whole new world, and just to show what God has done in your life. We really feel that Everlife is our extended mission trip.”


Even though it contains positive Christian messages, the goal of Everlife’s music is to entertain and enliven people at the same time. Driven by solid rock songs like Take A Ride and Heaven Open Your Eyes as well as  ballads like Evidence and Lead My Way, sisters Amber, Sarah and Julia have produced a rich melodic masterpiece infused with beautiful harmonies and powerful lyrics.


“We definitely want people to walk away feeling happy and carefree, ready to let go and let God in their lives,” states Everlife. “One of the tracks on the record, I'm Over It, is basically about not worrying about tomorrow, just surrendering to God and having him take control of your life. So many times people today need to feel, touch and see to believe that something is real. We just wanted to get out there that our faith is the only evidence that we need to show that God is real.”


Although their singles continue to soar up the charts and sales of their debut album are on the rise, numbers have no place in Everlife’s definition of success. These young ladies see themselves as a tool which God utilizes to display his love to all whom they come in contact with. As one member puts it, Everlife sees themselves as "musician-aries".


“The definition of 'success' for each person in life varies so much,” the group explains. “For us, it's pretty simple. We started singing so that our words and attitudes would affect people positively. We want people to look at us and not see three girls performing, but to see Christ through us. We want to bring to people hope and truth through the music and through our lives. Releasing the album was a dream come true for us, but our success comes from smiles, not really sales. “


Being young people themselves, Everlife understands the struggles that teens face everyday. As they tour through out the United States and travel to foreign lands, they have learned that value is not measured in terms of the world of television and magazines. Instead, real self-worth is found in Christ who is accepting of you just the way you are.


“Something that we really want to stress is to just be yourself,” Everlife relates. “Live out your goals and chase after your dreams. If you really believe in something, don't let anyone else bring you down. So many times teens get clouded by the ways of the world. We get caught up in clothes, makeup, weight, height, status in school, television, and anything else that can be a distraction. Stay strong and stay focused and God will reward that in you. Don't be afraid to be different from everyone else. Just know that God has a plan, a purpose for your life, and He will see that through!”


Teens are constantly bombarded with ads that tell them how they should look, dress, act and what they should value. Its hard not to accept all of this as gospel. However, the women of Everlife stand in opposition to the superficial nature of life and show the world a different Gospel. Through their music and their lifestyle, Everlife proves that style and substance can walk hand in hand along with the love of Christ in our everyday lives. It is their example that shows all of us that we need to demand more from pop culture.